Friday, July 18, 2014

Rocky Mountains Loop Day 1

We got poured on last night, so we got a bit of a late start, drying our tents instead of the early start we planned. We left Denver and were greeted with a closed road within a few miles of leaving the campgrounds. Luckily Al knows the area well and he got us to the other side of the Front Range and some nice back roads that were much better than the slab the GPS wanted to reroute us on.

We stopped for lunch at the Sprucewood Lodge for lunch.  They cater to off-road riders and we saw a few dirt bikes and ATVs pull in while we were there. After we ate we headed for Rampart Road. Al asked me if I wanted to ride a short way down the bike trail for a photo. Of course I said "I'll do it if you will" . At the bottom of a steep rooty downhill Al clipped a tree with his pannier and the BMW took a dirt nap. We got it upright and back up the hill easy enough, but we had to mend his pannier with a rock and a crescent wrench before we could move on.

From there we headed to Cripple Creek and then Salida just as the sun was setting. We're holed up in a little fleabag motel tonight.

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