Welcome! This site is a continuation of what I started when I blogged my 2010 Trans-America Trail ride. I found I enjoyed logging the details of my ride and having a centralized location for photos and videos. And since I already have the cameras and other equipment I might as well continue to put it all to use.

About Me:

I am a 41 year old science teacher living near Pittsburgh, Pa with my wife, two dogs, a cat and some ocean critters. I currently teach high school chemistry, biochemistry, and environmental biology. I enjoy learning about and using technology in both my professional and personal life. I've grown up riding dirt bikes, but just got into dual-sporting in 2009.

About the site:
I plan to share more ride reports, photos, video, and maybe some product reviews. This site will be a vehicle for me to document and share my progression in dual-sport and off-road motorcycling. Please feel free to leave comments on any posts or email me at tavis @ motoadventure.me. I'd love to hear from others interested in dual-sporting. I'm also always very interested in finding some new locations to explore. If you're in the Pittsburgh region check out steelcitydualsport.com.

Enjoy the ride!