Sunday, May 6, 2012

Laurel Highlands 5/5/2012

I joined a group of ADV and RCR members for another great Laurel Highlands ride led by JeffB. We met for breakfast at Randall's and then hit the road.

The first stop was at the falls in Ohiopyle.

We then hit more great dirt roads. I have to go back through the GPS track file and see which ones we were on, I'd like to ride them again.

Update: Here is a link to the gps file

I didn't get a lot of video, once we got close to Meyersdale we got hit by a small but nasty thunderstorm. My GoPro got soaked, so I left it off for the rest of the ride.

We stopped at Morguen Toole for lunch and hung out for a bit to see if the storm would pass. By the time it let up we decided to call it a day and split up. Some of the guys stayed in Meyersdale to continue thier ride today, and the rest of us headed home. The weather cleared up after leaving town and JT and I had a good ride back to Pittsburgh.

Even though our day was cut short by weather, it was a full day on the DRZ.