Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dual Sport Podcast

I just listened to the first couple of episodes of The Dual Sport Podcast and have really liked what I've heard so far. I'd recommend giving it a listen!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Next Summer's Adventure: West Virginia

I must miss riding all day in the dirt and then sleeping in a smelly tent, because I'm beginning the planning stages of another long dual-sport ride. It's not quite on the scale of the TAT, but it should still be a lot of fun, and mostly on terrain that I know and love (I haven't started to miss deep sand yet). The route is a nearly 1000 mile loop made from portions of the TWVT (Trans-West Virginia Trail), portions of a missed ride a local rider put together last year(thanks again Garry), and some connections I made up using

I may have a few local riding buddies along with me for this one, which will be cool. I'll be posting more updates here as this thing progresses.

I'm also hoping to spend a few days checking out the Hatfield-McCoy trail system in WV in a separate trip.