Sunday, June 29, 2014

Niagara Ride - Day 3

Day 3 was a scenic route back home. I didn't get the exact mileage, but it was a long one, probably my longest single day distance yet. This portion of the route also had some dirt and gravel which was nice as a change of pace.


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Niagara Ride - Day 2

Day two - We left Canada and headed towards the finger lakes of New York. We made quite a few stops along the way to check out a few state parks and some of the many waterfalls in the area. We ended the night in Watkins Glen at a neat BBQ and microbrew spot (Nickel's Pitt) where we had some great food and good entertainment.

Photos (Click to see larger version):


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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Niagara Ride - Day 1

Eric, Russ, Frank, JT and myself took off early Friday morning for Canada and upstate New York. The first day we headed north to Ontario and Niagara Falls. I was surprised that we were able to go pretty much the whole way on nice secondary roads (I hate slab). We made it the entire way with no mechanical difficulties or flats. Niagara Falls was as touristy as I remembered, but the falls are impressive and we had a good time out on the town after getting settled in our rooms.


Day 1 video:

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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Spring Laurel Fork Campout

There was a big turnout for this year's spring Laurel Fork campout. We had an excellent ride down on Friday. Half way through Saturday's ride I hit an innocent looking little puddle that turned out to be a bottomless pit with a rock embedded in the side. The rock bent my front rim and sent me over the bars. Luckily the tube held air and the big KTM was still rideable. I decided to limp the bike back to camp after that so I didn't get much video on Saturday. This trip was also a shakedown run for my Rockies trip. Other than the weak front rim, everything else worked great. All of my camping gear easily fit on the bike and the luggage I am planning on using seems like it will work for me.



Sunday, June 1, 2014

Video: Dual Sport Ride 4/12/2014

I've been behind on editing some video I've shot over the last month or so. Here is the first I needed to complete. I was testing out an external mic with the GoPro on this one. I get a lot more wind noise on the KTM than I did on the DRZ. The external mic does a much better job of picking up more than just wind blast.