Monday, August 27, 2012

RCR Five Star Cycle Ride 8/26/2012

A whole slew of RCR riders traveled to Saegertown, Pa this weekend to camp out at Five Star Cycle and do some riding on the track and surrounding woods. We had nice weather, many burgers and dogs, a monster fire, and awesome riding. It was a great weekend. I hadn't ridden the EC250 for over a month. It's such a fun bike, I have to get it out more before winter hits.

Thank you to Five Star for the hospitality! These guys are super cool.


Thursday, August 9, 2012

Southeast Ohio

This past weekend I rode to Athens, Oh to visit some friends and family. I rode down on Saturday and back on Monday.

I mapped out a back roads route down through WV which worked great until I hit this surprise gate. Next time I will reroute around this spot and also stick to back roads to avoid WV2 (it's 4 lane here).

I had to do a bit of Ohio 7 after crossing the river. It was 4 lane like WV2 so I turned off as soon as I could onto OH 260. I liked OH 260, I hadn't been on that road before. It was nice and twisty with no traffic. I wanted to do a fast pace on 555, but didn't get a chance. I got behind some slow bikes on the southern part and turned off on some other back roads instead.

My dad decided to ride with me for a while on my return route, so I was following him when we hit the part of 555 north of my parents farm. There was a bridge out on 555 south of Zanesville, so we rerouted on OH 669, which turned out to be a good windy road with nice pavement. I took a more northern route back. It wasn't quite as nice as going through WV, but I still had some good roads and scenery, and the weather was perfect on Monday.

I took some video too:

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


My DRZ just rolled over 20,000 miles on the odometer. She's still going strong. Maintenance to date includes changing the oil, tires, and one valve adjustment. This DRZ has been a great bike for me. It's taken me to a lot of out of the way places and has been really easy to live with.