Thursday, August 9, 2012

Southeast Ohio

This past weekend I rode to Athens, Oh to visit some friends and family. I rode down on Saturday and back on Monday.

I mapped out a back roads route down through WV which worked great until I hit this surprise gate. Next time I will reroute around this spot and also stick to back roads to avoid WV2 (it's 4 lane here).

I had to do a bit of Ohio 7 after crossing the river. It was 4 lane like WV2 so I turned off as soon as I could onto OH 260. I liked OH 260, I hadn't been on that road before. It was nice and twisty with no traffic. I wanted to do a fast pace on 555, but didn't get a chance. I got behind some slow bikes on the southern part and turned off on some other back roads instead.

My dad decided to ride with me for a while on my return route, so I was following him when we hit the part of 555 north of my parents farm. There was a bridge out on 555 south of Zanesville, so we rerouted on OH 669, which turned out to be a good windy road with nice pavement. I took a more northern route back. It wasn't quite as nice as going through WV, but I still had some good roads and scenery, and the weather was perfect on Monday.

I took some video too:

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  1. Nice ride, I try to avoid as much asphalt as possible but some rides it is a necessary evil. Love the covered bridge, wish we had a few down here.