Thursday, July 24, 2014

Rocky Mountains Loop Days 6-7

Al needed to fly home so I spent the last two days driving back. I'm home now. It was a long but uneventful drive back. Even though the trip was cut short, I have probably 20+ GB of video and photos to go through and edit. I'll post things up here as I complete them.

I was really happy with how the 950 did in the mountains, as well as with the gear that I chose to bring. I'll be ready to go back west and finish out the loop in a year or two when I have the time again.

The only photo I took on my way home was of this storm that chased me out of my room in Kansas:

Monday, July 21, 2014

Rocky Mountains Loop Day 5

Al went to get checked out today so I went on a 250 mile solo ride that Al layed out for me last night.  I went north to Estes Park, through Rocky Mountain National Park and then back to camp on some canyon roads. I saw some wildlife, a big elk and a pair of moose.  It looks like I'll be doing another solo ride tomorrow while Al recovers. 

Rocky Mountains Loop Day 4

Al has been ill the last few days and decided he needed to see a doctor so we left Moab and took 70 most of the way back to Denver. When we hit some heavy traffic we headed to Breckenridge and took some nice dirt roads over the mountains back to Denver.  It was a long day in the saddle, over 350 miles. 

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Rocky Mountains Loop Day 3

Toyotas were everywhere this morning so we did skip Imogene and took Ophir instead.  I boiled my brake fluid on the way down, but didn't lose the rear brake until near the bottom.  Luckily there was a stream right where I lost pedal and I used the water to cool the caliper and get going again. After that, there was a long stretch of pavement to get us into Utah.  We got a break from the sun and heat by heading over the La Sals. We made Moab around 5pm and are staying in a motel tonight.