Monday, July 14, 2014

Rocky Mountains Loop 2014

My buddy Al and I are leaving for Colorado tomorrow to spend a couple of weeks riding around in the Rockies. If we manage to complete the whole loop it will be over 3200 miles of awesome Rocky Mountain terrain. I'll be riding my KTM 950 Adventure and Al will be riding his brand new BMW F800GSA.

I will try to do the same type of thing that I did on my TAT ride, and do some brief daily live-blog type updates here as I go, depending on internet access. We are planning on doing a lot of camping so there will probably be many nights where I can't get out anything other than a SPOT OK message. I will also do a more detailed report with HD video and more photos and stories when we return.

If you want to follow our progress I have set up a Spotwalla page where you can view my tracking data. I am currently only using the SPOT for OK or help messages. I am going to have some tracking using the Bubbler app on my phone, but that will only update when I have a cellular data connection. I plan on using the SPOT to send out an OK message whenever we will be stopped for any significant amount of time.

Stay tuned, this should be good :). 

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