Monday, May 9, 2011

Gear Review: AFX FX-39 DS Helmet

I got sick of getting pelted in the face with bugs, rain, and hail with the open face MX helmet I've been using, so I thought I'd try a new lid.

This is the new and improved model (AFX FX-39 DS). I wasn't a fan of the old FX-37 due to the visor distortion issue. This one is supposed to be 100% distortion free and it is. I paid $125 shipped from Atomic-Moto.

The shape is comfortable.These helmets run slightly large for the size which worked out great for me since I am right in between a medium and a large on most helmets. The vents give a good bit of airflow through the helmet.The shield seems to seal well, though I haven't tested it in the rain yet. It does have room to clear MX googles with the shield up or down. The visor will catch the wind just a bit, but nothing like the visor on my MX helmet did. My only concern with this helmet is the chin strap. It does rub against my throat a bit. I didn't notice it when I was riding, but after 200 miles it left a red mark that I could feel later.

10/20/2012 Follow Up - Broken Shield.

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  1. Update: I was able to adjust the chin strap a bit so that the hinge of the latch did not hit me in the Adams apple. It was much more comfortable this way. I'm sure that once it is completely broken in it won't be a problem at all.