Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The 2014 Riding Season

Well, after the winter that would never end, it appears that the 2014 riding season has begun. It's time to wake myself from winter hibernation and get to work. I'm already a few ride reports and videos behind. I spent the winter months prepping the KTM 950 for my trip out west in July. I still have a few more bits to finish, but it's almost ready. In a couple of weeks I'll be riding it down to Laurel Fork with all the camping gear strapped on as a shake-down.

Besides my Rocky Mountain Loop trip, a few other things I have planned for this season:


Laurel Fork


Alaska Leather Butt Pad
Slavens skid plate
Sena SMH10 helmet communicator


950 Adventure rear rack
Gas Gas EC250 top end rebuild
Rekluse left hand rear brake

I'll try to go back and add hyperlinks to this post as I complete these.

Stay tuned!

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