Thursday, August 8, 2013

Anti-Fog Goggle Modification

With the hot and humid summer we've been having here in Pennsylvania this year, I have been having a lot of trouble with my goggles fogging up to the point where I have no visibility. I was about to try some of those expensive goggles with a built in fan, but decided to try out a trick I had read about online a while back.

What I did (while out on the trail with goggles so fogged that there were droplets of condensation rolling down the inside of the lens) was take my multi-tool and cut away the foam from the vents around the perimeter of the frame. This instantly reduced the fogging to almost none. To (hopefully) get it to zero fogging, I also replaced the lens with a double pane version ($17 shipped from Amazon). So for $17 and a minute of work with a knife I should have a goggle that will stay fog-free at a fraction of the price of one of those fan goggles.

I do keep an extra pair of goggles with intact foam and single pane lenses in my truck in case I am riding somewhere dusty. That's not usually a problem in the areas where I ride.

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