Thursday, June 27, 2013

Gas Gas EC250 Unabiker Radiator Guard Install

I've left my radiators unprotected for too long. I have had the Unabiker guards on my DRZ since I bought it, and they have done a great job of protecting the radiators on multiple low and high speed get-offs. Since I have had a good experience with them I decided to get the Unabikers for my Gas Gas as well.

I bought the guards with red anodizing. I have the bare aluminum on the DRZ and it is a little dull looking now. These should stay nicer looking.

Overall, it was a pretty easy job. I did need to buy some longer bolts and also had to adjust the steering stops out just a tiny bit so that the fork tubes wouldn't hit. Other than those issues, it was a cake walk.

Scroll down for pictures from the install.

Nice looking red anodizing.

I first had to remove these plastic KTM guards.

After partially assembling the new guards, you slip them behind the radiators.
With the radiators dangling by the hoses it's pretty easy.

I did have to buy some slightly longer allen head bolts.
The factory bolts were just a bit too short with the added thickness of the guards.
I probably could have really compressed the rubber grommets and got the originals to work,
but replacing the bolts was easier.

One side done.

Other side on.

With the plastics back on.

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