Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Equipment Review: GoPro Wi-Fi BacPac (Part 2)

Part 2: Battery Testing

I did two tests to check the battery life on the Wi-Fi BacPac setup. For the first the GoPro was left running continuously in time-lapse mode, taking one photo every 30 seconds. Under these conditions the battery on the GoPro was depleted in just over three hours. For the second test, I examined the "standby" time of the Wi-Fi BacPac. For this test I turned on the Wi-Fi remote and the Wi-Fi BacPac but left the actual GoPro turned off. The BacPac lasted for about five hours before it's battery was depleted and the GoPro could no longer be powered on by the remote.

Test video:

Going by the results of these two tests it seems like the GoPro battery would be the limiting factor, which is not a big problem as I have the ability to charge the GoPro from a USB outlet on my DRZ. However, in actual use I was able to run down the battery in the Wi-Fi remote before the battery in the BacPac or GoPro was used up. This was a problem as the remote requires it's own special cord for charging and I did not think to bring it with me on the bike. I may not have charged the remote to 100% the day that happened, I was charging it from my iPhone charger which may not be the ideal way to charge the remote.

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