Monday, February 20, 2012

First Ride on the Gas Gas

Sunday I got to take the Gas Gas on it's first real trail ride. It was a nice day for February, there were lots of bikes out on the local trails. I'm still getting used to the EC250, but I really like it. I was the slowest guy today and had some trouble here and there with the slick mud and steep hills, but I did stuff that I never would have even attempted on the DRZ. I definitely have some work to do...throttle control and relearning how to ride a 2T (can't ride it like a DRZ!). I got myself into trouble a couple of times by letting my feet come off the pegs on some big hills.

My GPS says we did about 27 miles for the day (not too bad considering how slow we had to go).

I had the GoPro going for most of the day, but the tube from my hydration pack kept bouncing off the lens and ruined most of the footage. This is pretty much a crash compilation video (my crashes were about the only thing interesting enough to keep).

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