Monday, November 14, 2011

Casparis/Creek Falls Ride

Sunday morning Pathos, Sailah, and I met at the CoGo's at the intersection of 51 and 70 and headed to Connellsville. Photobucket We got to Casparis Rd and took a short detour to see the bat sanctuary and then "insurance fraud overlook" (I think that's what Pathos called it) :). Photobucket Photobucket Quite a few cars down there! Photobucket We got back on Casparis Rd and followed it to where I wanted to check out some trails. We spent a while exploring and finding dead ends. Sailah smacked his leg off of a tree or something and broke his rear brake lever in the process. Shortly thereafter Pathos and Sailah dumped their bikes in the mud at the same time (it's in the vid) Photobucket We had to backtrack a bit and while taking a break a couple of locals rode up on a quad. They told us that most of the land out there is in the process of being transferred to the game commission and that they are already handing out fines. They said the whole area is going to end up off limits. I hope that is not the case.

Once we made it back into Connellsville we decided to go check out Creek Falls. I hadn't been out there in many years, since I was just getting into Jeeps. It is pretty much the same as it was then, lots of big mud holes. One swallowed Sailahs bike and it took all three of us to push it out. We made it to the stream crossing and I drew the short straw to cross first. It was just deep enough to make me nervous, but was easy enough to get across. Pathos and I rode down to the falls, stopped long enough for a pic, and then went back to meet Sailah. I guess he didn't want to have to pick his 500lb beast up out of a river so he cleaned the mud off his bike while we were gone. Photobucket It was a fun day. I am REALLY liking the MT43 rear. I was running 15psi and it was grippy on absolutely everything, including the mud. It felt like I was riding a different bike. I can't wait to get the Tubliss setup for my rims so I can try some low pressures.

Video of Casparis:

Video of Creek Falls:

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