Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Rocky Gap - Allegheny National Forest 9/17-9/18/2010

Larry from rufcutriders.com and I loaded up our bikes onto his trailer and drove north to Allegheny National Forest. We let the GPS on my iPhone guide us, so we ended up on some narrow gravel roads pulling a very wide trailer. Once we found the campsite, we had some fun trying to find a place to park the truck and trailer. Larry did some Austin Powers type maneuvers and eventually he got it off the road. We set up camp and then rode into a little town 11 miles away to get some food and ice. On the way we saw a big porcupine who was in no hurry to cross the road. I hadn't ever seen one in the wild before, and was surprised at how big it was. When we got back to camp we spent the rest of the evening drinking a few beers around the campfire talking about bikes.

The next morning we hit the trails. We did the easy loop a few times and then Larry and I rode the advanced loop. All of the trails were wide for quads and were pretty easy. Most of the turns had nice berms which I wasn't used to. Next time I ride there I'm going to ride them a lot faster. Larry and I switched bikes for a bit so I got to ride the KLR for a bit. It's quite a bit more comfortable than my DRZ! After the advanced trail, we rode the easy loop back to camp and loaded back up on the trailer. There were little gnats everywhere that would swarm you if you stood still for more than a second. You can see them crawling on the lens of my GoPro in some of the unedited video I shot.

Dowload the Garmin track file

Part 1

Part 2

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